Required for Buying a Home

Required Information for your mortgage application

Applying for a mortgage loan should be easy. Your help in bringing the required documents listed below to our upcoming appointment is important to your loan application process. This will help your mortgage officer to deliver the outstanding service you deserve.

ü Home address for past 24-months (with landlord address and phone number (mortgage statement w/account number if refinancing)

ü Address(s) of all other real estate owned including any mortgage information and copies of leases held (i.e. investment property)

ü Sales contract inc all addendums-signed by all parties

ü Be prepared to pay for Appraisal (Approx $450-500)

ü Copy of your Drivers License and Social Security Card

ü VA – Certificate of Eligibility or DD-214 (VA loan only)

Your income and employment

ü Most recent 3 Pay Stubs showing year-to-date earnings if you’re paid bi-weekly (5 Paystubs if you’re paid weekly)

ü Federal W2s for the past 2-years (2010-2011)

ü Name and address of employer(s) for past 2-years (24-months)

ü All pages of your personal income tax return form for the past 2-years, if self-employed or business owned 25% or more ownership.

ü Business tax returns, year to date Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet if you are self-employed or have 25%+ ownership in business

Your assets or funds to close

ü Most recent 2-months (ALL PAGES) Bank Statements for all checking, savings, investment or mutual fund accounts indicating source(s) of funds for down payment, closing costs, prepaid items and reserves

ü Name, address and phone number of donor(s) if funds to close include any gift funds and Bank Statement from Donor showing gift funds.

ü Copy of most recent statement(s) of retirement funds such as IRA or 401(k) or cash value of life insurance